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Turmeric (Liposoluble Wax)

Turmeric (Liposoluble Wax)

Biolume’s Premium Turmeric Liposoluble Wax: Advanced formula with anti-hair growth, Shea butter, skin-friendly properties, and instant tan removal, ensuring effective and gentle waxing experiences.

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Introducing Biolume’s Premium Turmeric Liposoluble Wax: Superior Hair Removal Innovation

Discover the excellence of Biolume’s Premium Turmeric Liposoluble Wax. Crafted with advanced liposoluble wax technology, it offers anti-hair growth benefits, enriched with Shea butter for skin-friendly and gentle hair removal. Additionally, it excels in instant tan removal, ensuring an effective and comfortable waxing experience. Experience Biolume’s commitment to innovation and skincare excellence with this premium waxing solution.


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